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SUB in Sweden has been working with underwater technology and diving since 1986. SUB is now working with two main project. One is a new ROV and the other is a side-scan project.

SUB is now an active part in a joint venture side-scan project together with Sture Hultqvist. The aim is to see if this could be a commercial project. The progress will be presented on our pages. So far the transducer have reacht an outstanding performance to a price wich is reachable also for non commercial people. Soon also other parts will find its final design.

Together with product development we also run advanced surways where the RUSSIAN SUBMARINE S7 found 1998 in the Sea of Aland is the most known. This surway was based on SUB navigation aid software together with sonar, archive research on other parts. We have more than 10 years experience in wreckhunting.

SUB´s new ROV named SUB-X is now under development. 4 videocameras. Scanning sonar. Heading, depth and altimeter info as video-overlay . (On screen display). Later manipulator, pingerreciever and automatic altitude will be added. SUB-X ROV is developed for work in the Baltic Sea. The ROV tether is 350 meters.

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Welcome to our Side-Scan Sonar gallery!
Sonarpictures produced by Sture Hultqvist.

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